"A big thank you is in order to Chad Nelson of iDream Studio of Willmar for working with my partner and I in getting this awesome site up and running. Since I have had no experience in building a website, Chad was more than patient with me in getting this to be a live site. I never really understood how much work it was in getting this done. It is more than just a click here and there and it’s done. So, thank you Chad for all of your help."
-- Jan Dworshak; Jan's Therapeutic Massage, Willmar

"My experience with Chad Nelson was very good. I would highly recommend his work. He was helpful, worked hard to get a "perfect" finished product, has a good eye for detail and design, got the job finished and delivered on time. He kept me informed as the job went along. Chad made CDs for me from audio cassette tapes that my deceased husband had recorded at home or church. He was able to improve the sound quality and remove unwanted noises. My family and friends were thrilled to receive a "Keepsake" CD which will keep their memories alive in the years to come."
-- LaVonne Hookom, Willmar

"Chad Nelson is very knowledgeable about all aspects of video. He helped me convert my video clips so I could post them on YouTube. In turn, I could share my video resume with interested parties. Thanks Chad."
-- Emily Oz; Anchor & Reporter from Granite Falls, MN

"A true professional all the way. Having an eye for details and the customer always in mind, the job was done to my satisfaction. I highly recommend iDream Studio to anyone looking for quality design work."
-- Michael Moyers, Willmar

"I first heard about Chad Nelson from a neighbor who had her daughter's wedding video enhanced by him. Her and I got into a conversation about the sad story of my own wedding video... Dennis and I were married in 1982, but somewhere around our 13th anniversary the video would only play to the beginning of the wedding ceremony and then it turned blue. We took the video to several well known businesses in the area that deal with photography and videos. We were told that the video had probably been taped over by accident and there was nothing that could be done. It made us sad to think we had lost this very precious recorded memory of our wedding. Last summer as our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching I had the conversation with my neighbor. I'll never forget her words..."well if anyone can restore that video, it would be Chad Nelson." Without telling my husband I called Chad, said a prayer and took him the video. When he called me with the good news of finding the wedding, I was in total shock. On September 19, 2008, our 25th anniversary, I presented my husband with our beautiful wedding video, now on a DVD. He cried. Sharing that DVD with my family has been amazing. Chad gave us an incredible gift... the restored memory of our wedding."
-- Denise Peterson, Willmar